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Apologists and Apologetics Part I: Who, What, Why

Who are apologists? What is apologetics? Why do apologists want to argue with me? Contrary to the way it sounds, apologetics does not indicate any sort of remorse (though perhaps it often should). In these posts, for reasons of familiarity and continuity, I have chosen to default to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary definitions. It’s not that I…

By x2aberrant January 27, 2020 0

What Is Atheism

What is atheism? What does it mean to be atheist? Is atheism a religion? What do atheists believe? What is the difference between an agnostic and an atheist? What is a gnostic atheist? How should I discuss atheism? Let’s start with the most basic question regarding atheism: What is it? I have no trouble admitting…

By x2aberrant January 15, 2020 35