March 9, 2022 4 By x2aberrant

Observation Record Regarding Organic Perspective Centralized to Specified Spacetime Coordinates

I was recently asked to express what I believe in the context of a discussion about the rationality of the atheist position. While I have no personal issue with sharing these details, within my egalitarian perspective, I have no rational reason to suggest this text should be interpreted to contain any special relevance to any reader. In other words: This blog post is intended for entertainment purposes only.

While some may perceive a prose commensurate with a malfunctioning android lawyer, this is in response to an individual, whose attention to semantic precision and accuracy I highly respect.

To avoid creating any additional homework for myself, I must take this into consideration. The question I chose to answer is “What do you believe?” As I’ve exclaimed, I can be accurate, precise, or understood, but rarely all three. Rather than attempt to awkwardly stick to my typical flowery style (subtle sarcasm here), I’ve decided to embrace the absurdity of a sincere attempt at disambiguation, so here goes:

“Excellent news! The arbiter has authorized the immediate disassembly of your atomic structure.”

Let the word “I” indicate reference to the concept of perspective expressed at the specified spacetime coordinates in these conditions:

I am an ambulatory carbon-based atom cluster perceiving three dimensions traveling linearly in the positive direction on the time axis. Let the aforementioned specified spacetime coordinates equal the origin of this code. These clusters refer to their coordinates on the time axis both in terms relative to other positions as well as a fixed location in proximity to, but not including theirs. Despite adjacent or indiscernible proximity, those of particular arrangements provide reference to space-time coordinates descriptive of designated atom clusters I describe as an arbitrary quorum at those coordinates. These clusters exhibit increasing awareness at coordinates more positive along the time axis. I am one of these described clusters referred to as a human.

Over here!

Let the word “significant” indicate accepted through criteria determined by methodology for qualifying accuracy accepted by a population of humans determined as quorum through consistency threshold dependent on my atomic arrangement.

Through my atomic arrangement and interactions with other humans, I have observed and extrapolated data regarding space-time and this code amounts to a composite non-comprehensive record of that data. From the collected data, I have extrapolated awareness of my space-time coordinates and a description of conditions at points more negative on the time axis. A positive correlative trend has been identified between my accuracy in awareness of these conditions as I travel on the time axis in the positive direction. Error is inherent as awareness is incomplete. A positive correlative trend also has been determined to exist with the composite conclusions of humans collectively, though it is counteracted by the effects of some atomic arrangements providing data inconsistent with collective observation. At points where inconsistent data exceeds accepted data, the consistent data can be isolated by repeated processes in multi-point observation, which I have designated as validation as given data is consistent with the conclusion it is the most accurate method available at these coordinates. There is a positive correlation between consistency in process and quantified accuracy of status description of coordinates.

At a point as I travel in the positive direction on the time axis, my atomic arrangement will not provide the conditions necessary for continued awareness. At points more positive on the time axis, reference to me will be of my effects in the coordinate range of awareness on the time axis. The cluster of atoms that arbitrarily described me at more positive points on the time axis have an extrapolated significant probability of being then described as “dead” until they are no longer perceptible as human by humans. With the accuracy in describing conditions at the specified coordinates, extrapolations regarding the most positive time axis coordinates for humans are insignificant.

This code is redundant given the specified spacetime coordinates.

If you are fully aware of my precise spacetime coordinates, no other information is required.